From the "Oh So Petite" collection comes Petite. The navy beads have been created by processing recycled denim jeans into pulp then making hand made sheets of denim paper. The beads in the light olive color have been created with various prairie grasses that have been processed and made into sheets of paper.



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Sheets of my hand made paper are then cut and formed into paper beads and glazed several times for a durable gloss finish making them water-resistant.

x3 sheets of my hand made paper have been used in the creation of the pendants design, with cream, pale mint and sky blue as the backdrop to a few mini apple flower buds from last years harvest that appear in front.

The base of the pendant and bail (which is reinforced for added strength) are created from polymer clay and go through several iterations of baking and sanding. 

Between 3 - 5 layers of resin are applied to protect the top and sides of the pendant that I hand pour and brush on.

The bail has been created with no metal contacting your skin, great for those with metal allergies.  There is no clasp, the necklace simply pops over your head, is light weight and sits comfortably around the neck line.

All pieces from my signature collection are strung on up-cycled t-shirt cord that I have washed, dried with mother nature, hand cut and stretched.

Towards the top of the necklace are two beads made from polymer clay that have been textured by hand then baked.

Each of the beads, pendant and bail have their own unique texture, shape and surface finish. No two beads or pendant/bail are identical which add to their charm of handmade.

Length of necklace:  35 cm

Length of necklace stretched: 42 cm