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Adorn your neckline with this captivating starry night inspired longer length necklace, or wrap this several times around your wrist.


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Created with loads of rhinestones, black fresh water pearls (genuine), foil lined glass beads, Czech Crystal beads and my hand made paper artist beads you can change this design from a longer length by doubling over the necklace, or, a shorter length by undoing the clasp and wrapping up-to three times around your neck.  

To wear this design as a bracelet, simply undo the claps and wrap around your wrist then secure the clasp together.

All beads have been strung on stainless steel wire, jump rings and clasp, with the wire ends finished in lead and nickle free base metal.

Total length: 80cm (single wrap)

Double Wrap: 40 > 60+cm

Triple Wrap: dependent upon your neck circumference

Bracelet: I was able to wrap this x 8 times around my wrist.