My Story

Hi, my name is Lolla and I am the maker behind Papyrus Jewelry.

I have always been a creative soul, whether that was through my artwork or through my interest with polymer clay that I'd been creating with since 2006.

Having arrived in Canada, new country and all... I decided I wanted to do something new as a 'hobby'. With the kids that were in elementary, school notices were piling up, often multiples of the same. 

Along with their folders & crafts that soon came into the mix, what wasn't put in frames for hanging or in storage I was left with the thought of 'there's got to be something I can do with all this'... so thus set about my journey of researching creative ways to utilize all this paper!

Through my research, I happened across – hand paper making.  I bought a basic paper making kit and thought I would give it a go. Little did I know that I would fall in love with making paper.

A couple more years went by, the kids were getting older and my husband was encouraging me to get back into working with Polymer Clay.  I thought this over, taking my time, and decided  to perfect my paper making techniques a little longer.  Soon enough, I finally decided to take the plunge! 

That plunge was combining my love of polymer clay and hand paper making which set me on the journey of creating my signature designs.

With that mix, I again looked at all the clothes the kids were going through and thought about how I could incorporate a little bit of them into my designs.  Thus, after selecting color palettes before their clothes were donated to charity I set about working into my designs the t-shirts I had chosen. Each are washed, line dried, hand cut and stretched into t-shirt cord.

In December of 2017 I attended my first market and had absolutely no expectation of whether my jewelry designs would be well received, or, received at all.  To my surprise the feedback surpassed my expectation!

With the short growing seasons over the years I have focused on growing and harvesting my own flowers, herbs & spices for inclusions in my hand made papers also, as well as sourcing locally other vegetable/plant based materials.

In 2018, I have attended markets in Canmore & Calgary with the Banff Christmas Market and Cochrane Christmas Market coming in the months of November & December 2018 (more in the events page)

As a highlight, recently my work was featured in a USA based paper blog “All things Paper” showcasing my jewelry designs (you can read the full article in the 'media' section).

My hand made papers, pendant and beads form the focal of my designs along with up-cycled t-shirt cord and some new materials too.  If you happen to be visiting any of the events I am showcasing my work at (from the “events' page) stop by and say Hi.